The Plano Premier Lacrosse Club was formed to promote a healthy competitive youth ladies lacrosse team in North Texas area. Open to girls kindergarten through 12th grades in Plano, Little Elm, Murphy, Richardson and surrounding areas.

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Help Support Our Lacrosse Program


Our 2019-2020 season is about to start and we are looking forward to another successful season.  If you supported us last year, thank you.  We hope you will continue to support us.

Our Plano Premier Girls Lacrosse program is a non-profit organization.  We include girls from K-12.  Since lacrosse is not a state sponsored sport for schools in Texas, our teams are not provided any financial support like other sports (football, baseball, etc).  Our coaches are not paid for by the schools, the fields have to be rented, the equipment must be purchased, as well as every other expense required falls on our families or directly on us.  Some of us work to help pay our own way.  Our coaches are helping us develop into better lacrosse players, better team members, and better young women.  Hopefully, all of these skills will help us better prepare for life after graduation, for things like college, getting a job, and becoming good leaders.  

So, we ask for your help to relieve some of the burden on our program.  We are doing many things to try and help the program so we can continue to play the game that we love.  Any support that you can provide would be appreciated and go directly to our program.  It makes a huge difference.  Our high school girls  have made it to the Texas State tournament for the past four years.  We hope to win  it all this year.  Our youth program is growing but often the financial burden is instrumental in the decision of lacrosse versus soccer or some other sport at an early age.   Let's help make it easier for everyone to play the great game of lacrosse.  Thank you.